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You will have noticed some names are written in italics. These are saints or people who appear in the Church of England Lectionary.

They appear on the day when the church remembers who they were and what they did.

The Pastoral team has picked a few of the more well-known ones and tried to connect the thought for that day to that person.



EVERY DAY – pray for the Clergy and Readers of our parish - David, Jeanette, Carol, Kate, Richard, Jane and Bryan.

1st Pray for the leaders of the nations of the world.

2nd Help us Lord to be more aware of how our actions effect climate change.

3rd Pray for ambulance crews.

4th Thank you Lord that we can worship wherever we are.

5th Pray for the General Synod meeting this week.

6th Pray for the Royal Family.

7th We pray Lord that we can find the money for the renewal of the church roof.

8th Pray for our government, especially the Prime Minister.

9th We thank you Lord for the Winter Olympics.

10th We pray for the relationship between North and South Korea.

11th We pray for the family whose child is being baptised today.

12th Lord we thank you for the NHS and all the staff working so hard to help us.

13th Thank you, God for those who love us.

14th Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent and we pray for the Lent groups.

15th Founder of SPG – We pray that all printed gospels will reach those who need them.

16th Thank you God, for books and libraries.

17th Pray for the House of Bethany and the quiet days they have.

18th Pray for FROGS and the new post Frogs group starting.

19th Pray for the Safeguarding Team.

20th Pray for the people and leaders of the Yemen.

21st Pray for the Brexit negotiations.

22rd Pray for places effected by extreme weather.

23rd Pray for the St Cuthbert’s Trust, that bookings would increase as a sign of a more
stable financial situation.

24th Matthias the Apostle – May we also preach the gospel.

25th Pray for Lent Lunches.

26th Pray for the Myanmar refugees and war-torn areas of the world.

27th George Herbert, hymn writer. “Let all the world in every corner sing, My God and King”

28th Thank you, God, for the signs of spring.


“Grant us grace, Lord, to love the truth and act in love”

Tony Horsfall