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You will have noticed some names are written in italics. These are saints or people who appear in the Church of England Lectionary.

They appear on the day when the church remembers who they were and what they did.

The Pastoral team has picked a few of the more well-known ones and tried to connect the thought for that day to that person.


1st Pray for farmers and fisherman who work hard to provide our food.

2nd Pray for all who visit the Christmas Tree festival, that they will find a warm welcome.

3rd Advent Sunday -pray that during this busy month we will find time to be with God.

4th Pray for family members who look after loved ones.

5th Pray for justice in the world.

6th St. Nicholas – pray that children will hear the true story of Christmas this month.

7th Pray for Portsmouth City Council.

8th Pray for expectant mothers.

9th Pray for those who help the homeless at Christmas.

10th Human Rights Day – Pray that we may love our neighbours whatever.

11th Pray for those who work to end exploitation of the poor.

12th Thank you for Sunday School teachers and especially Frogs as they prepare their nativity play.

13th Pray for those who attend Crisis at Christmas centres.

14th Thank you for the fun, fellowship and food that the lunch club will share today at their Christmas dinner.

15th Pray for all clergy as they prepare special services.

16th Pray for the Fine Voice Academy Choir as they sing in a concert in church tonight.

17th Eglantyne Jebb Founder of Save the Children - Pray for children you know, & for those for whom no-one prays.

18th Pray for those preparing to entertain the elderly and lonely this Christmas.

19th Thank you for the gift of generosity this Christmas.

20th Lord, help us to support those who are grieving.

21st Please God - be with those who find Christmas difficult.

22nd Pray that everyone who comes to our special services at Christmas will be touched by the message of Jesus birth.

23rd Pray for families that cannot be together this Christmas

24th Pray for those who work over Christmas.

25th Christmas Day - Thank you for Jesus our Saviour.

26th Boxing Day St Stephen – Pray for those persecuted for the faith, especially the Myanmar refugees.

27th St John, the apostle and evangelist – thank you for John’s gospel and the privilege of having a Bible.

28th Pray for refugee or orphaned children.

29th Thank you, God, for holidays.

30th Pray that charities will make wise decisions about spending money given during this season.

31st New Year’s Eve – pray for a peaceful New Year.


Glory to God in the highest heaven.

Luke 2.14