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You will have noticed some names are written in italics. These are saints or people who appear in the Church of England Lectionary.

They appear on the day when the church remembers who they were and what they did.

The Pastoral team has picked a few of the more well-known ones and tried to connect the thought for that day to that person.


APRIL 2018

Every day – pray for the Clergy and Readers of our parish - David, Jeanette, Carol, Kate, Richard, Jane and Bryan.

1st Easter Day – Praise the risen Lord.

2nd Thank you God for time to spend with family and friends.

3rd Pray for the Church Wardens.

4th Pray for those losing jobs because of firms closing down.

5th Pray for people struggling with life changing decisions.

6th Pray for the new governments of Zimbabwe and South Africa.

7th Thank you, God, for the response to our Gift Day.

8th Pray that our worship today is filled with the Holy Spirit.

9th The Annunciation to Mary – Thank God that Mary said ‘Yes’.

10th Pray for an increase in the recruitment of teachers.

11th Pray for the Police.

12th Thank you for the birds’ dawn chorus.

13th Lord, make us more aware of keeping our local area clean and tidy.

14th Pray for those who look after our parks and roadside gardens.

15th Thank you, God, for freedom to worship you.

16th Pray for increased co-operation between North and South Korea

17th Pray for missionaries, at home and abroad.

18th Pray for school governors.

19th Pray for the PCC meeting tonight.

20th Pray for the health of our children.

21st Pray for the Queen on her birthday.

22nd Pray for all those assist at our services today.

23rd St. Georges Day – Pray for the people of England.

24th Pray for victims of abuse.

25th Mark the evangelist - Pray that we might speak to someone about our faith today.

26th Pray for a new Safeguarding Officer in our parish as David Stemp prepares to stand down in December.

27th Pray for health care workers.

28th Pray for better relations between nations.

29th Pray for the armed services and especially in their peacekeeping roles.

30th Lord may I receive your blessings and may I pass them along to others. (Amy Boucher Pye)


“Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.”

Isaiah 40.31