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Each year St. Cuthbert and St. Aidan’s churches raise funds for secular and religious charities, trying to respond to the needs of the moment.


March - East Africa Appeal £248.00
April - Bishop of Portsmouth's Lent Appeal £530.60
May -Blue Day - Tom Prince Cancer Trust (St. Cuthbert's Centre) £270.00
May - Christian Aid Week £221.00
July - Sea Sunday £126.80
September – Ride - Hampshire & the Islands Historic Churches Trust £413
October – Harvest Appeal, Mary’s Meals £568.91



HARVEST APPEAL 2017 - Mary's Meals

I am delighted to tell you that this year's Harvest Charity raised the magnificent sum of £528.45 !

In addition, those donations which were Gift aided will mean an extra £40.46 will go to the Charity, making a grand total of £568.91.

Alan Phillips


MARY'S MEALS started life operating out of a tin shed. The shed still serves as their global headquarters to this day.

As an organisation working in some of the world’s poorest communities, they’re committed to keeping running costs low to maximise the good that can be done.

This is only possible because most of their work is done by an army of volunteers in the communities where they work, who carry out lots of little acts of love on our behalf.

The aims of Mary's Meals:

The charity's constitution sets out the focus of charitable activities as:

• To provide a daily meal, in a place of education, for children in the world’s poorest communities.

• To provide relief for those suffering, in any part of the world, as a result of humanitarian crises or poverty; to help people escape poverty; and to provide care for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.

• To raise awareness in the UK and worldwide of poverty issues through education.

Mary’s Meals are dedicated to their commitment to spend at least 93% of all funds received on these charitable activities.

Wherever possible, locally produced food is served. This supports the local community and its farmers as well as the wider economy.

Research has proven that school feeding has a range of positive impacts, since children who are not suffering from hunger are able to make the most of their education.

Around 61 million of the world’s hungriest children do not attend school.

In order to survive, they have to work or beg. Even if they do make it into the classroom, hunger affects their ability to learn.

You can find more about Mary’s Meals by visiting their website by clicking here

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