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Each year St. Cuthbert and St. Aidan’s churches raise funds for secular and religious charities, trying to respond to the needs of the moment.

In 2017 St. Cuthbert and St. Aidan’s Churches raised a Grand Total of £4,714.33 for a variety of Charities.



Last week the PCC voted unanimously for a proposal that I asked them to consider that “St Cuthbert’s and St Aidan’s Churches provide gifts of simple breakfast foods, ordinary toiletries and warm clothing suitable for the use of the people attending Yew House”

For a while now a reading from the letter of James 2 v 14-17 kept coming into my mind and having spoken to the vicar I did as I was told and went off and investigated.

I discovered that Yew House was opened last September, is situated right in our parish, by the Prison Roundabout, and everyday provides breakfasts for 30-50 homeless people. Also there are showers, a store of replacement clothing, and clerical help.

I contacted Slavena Nikodimova, Team Leader, for the Homeless Day Services, who works at Yew House. She was delighted and said it would be wonderful if we could provide those things that I mentioned above.

There are now boxes situated at St Cuthbert’s to receive your Gifts and I’m sure St Aidan’s will be able to provide something similar. It would be wonderful also if a few people might volunteer to periodically takes the items up to Yew House.

May I commend the success of this venture to your prayers, thanking God that we have this opportunity to help our brothers and sisters?

The following Items are wanted:

Washing powder (for clothes)

Shower Gel Deodorants (spray only)

Good quality summer and winter clothes (not XL XXL)

Shampoo / conditioner

Belts especially for men

Men’s and women’s socks, vests and pants. (Only new ones please)

Sleeping Bags Rucksacks & Flasks

Sugar, Tea, coffee

Cereals of all kinds

Marmalade / Jam

Thank you

Beulah Walters