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Steve McDermott loads boxes of Shoebox Parcels for the worlds poorest children.

Each year St. Cuthbert and St. Aidan’s churches raise funds for secular and religious charities, trying to respond to the needs of the moment.


During the autumn members of St. Cuthbert’s Church and the Corner Pre-school prepared 61 “Shoe Box” Parcels to be sent to the poorest children in the world.

We filled the shoeboxes with a selection of fun toys, such as toy trucks, harmonica, yo-yo, skipping rope, ball, small puzzles etc.

Hygiene items including a toothbrush and toothpaste, bars of soap, comb or hairbrush, and a flannel.

School supplies including pens, pencils & sharpeners, crayons or felt pens, stamps & ink pad sets, writing pads or notebooks & paper, solar calculators, colouring & picture books etc.

Parcels also included one or two special items that you know children will love such as a doll, cuddly toy or deflated football with pump.

Other Items such as a hat, cap, gloves or scarf, sunglasses, hair accessories, jewellery set, wind up torch and wrapped sweets.

This year our Shoe Box appeal was co-ordinated by Lauren Brushwood and Steve McDermott, both members of St. Cuthbert’s congregation.



March - East Africa Appeal £248.00

April - Bishop of Portsmouth's Lent Appeal £530.60

May -Blue Day - Tom Prince Cancer Trust (St. Cuthbert's Centre) £270.00

May - Christian Aid Week £221.00

July - Sea Sunday £126.80

September – Ride - Hampshire & the Islands Historic Churches Trust £413

October – Harvest Appeal, Mary’s Meals £568.91



Next Charity events :

December Christingle Services - Children's Society

December Christmas Charity - Help in Bereavement

This year our Christmas charity will be 'Help in Bereavement' (HIB).

HIB was founded in 1979 as a response to the needs of those suffering with the pain of grief, loneliness and social isolation caused by the loss of a loved one.

HIB offers a 'visiting' service covering all local areas and there are trained volunteers to recognise the needs of bereaved people and offer support for as long as it is needed.

For further details please see the Website: www.help-in-bereavement.co.uk