About us

Useful information about St. Cuthbert & St. Aidan's Churches.

Daily Prayers


A cycle of prayers for each day of the week.

Please pray with us every day! more ...

Charity Giving


Each year St. Cuthbert and St. Aidan’s raise funds for secular and religious charities, trying to respond to the needs of the moment. more ...

St. Cuthbert's Community Cafes


"Community Cafe". Open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. more ...

Pastoral Care Team


The parish has a pastoral care team consisting of members of both congregations who support the clergy to meet the pastoral needs of our community. more ...

Planned Giving


The PCC of St. Cuthbert’s Church is registered as a charity (No: 1132140) and relies on the generosity of its Church Family members for most of its income. more ...

Communion before Confirmation.


Find out about St. Cuthbert & St. Aidan's policy on Communion before Confirmation and details of Confirmation. more ...

A Brief History of St. Cuthbert's Church.


100 years of history in 1,200 words! more ...